Notes for Contributions to the Yorkshire Journal

The Yorkshire Journal publishes articles on all subjects relating to Yorkshire’s heritage past and present. Features on its stunning landscape, picturesque villages, historic towns and cities, customs, traditions, curiosities and the history of its people would be most welcome. Original poems and short stories are also very welcome, as well as those special photographs.

Contributions are welcome from anyone and the editors will gladly advise about the suitability of a subject. If you feel that you would like to offer an article for the e-journal please try to limit your work to around 2500 words and try to provide good quality pictures if you have them. If 2500 words sounds a lot don’t worry, we are very happy to publish much shorter articles.

If you have suitable pictures or drawings to accompany your article then so much the better, but if not then our publication team will find some suitable pictures. Please do not include your pictures amongst the text; but send them  separately.  If you didn’t take the pictures yourself please check with the photographer or copyright holder that it is OK to use the pictures in the Yorkshire Journal, or let us know so that we can do so on your behalf.

Finally, please do not be tempted to “cut and paste” text from content which already exists on the web or in published work, unless you clearly indicate that you are quoting and give credit to the source.

Good luck!



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