Winter 2015

The 14th century Hospitium covered in snow in the Museum Gardens, York. Photo by Chris Gallagher

The 14th century Hospitium covered in snow in the Museum Gardens, York. Photo by Chris Gallagher

Christmas in Filey By Paul Williams 4-5
The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2015_Page_05_Image_0002For our first feature Paul Williams shares some of his precious boyhood memories during the seventies of his Christmas in Filey. Paul lived in Teesside but celebrated the festive season each year at his aunt and uncle’s bed and breakfast in Filey where he had enjoyable and happy times.

The Charles Dickens Connection with Malton and Ebenezer Scrooge’s Counting House by Philip Hartley 6-9The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2015_Page_08_Image_0005
It is because of Charles Dickens that ghost stories are associated with this time of year. Philip Hartley visits the Counting House Museum in Malton to discover Charles Dickens connection with the town. It is believed that Scrooge’s counting house in ‘A Christmas Carol’ was modelled on a local office owned by solicitor Charles Smithson, who was a great friend Charles Dickens.

The Leeds Library by Peter Wellburn 10-13
Leeds libraryOur next feature is Peter Wellburn’s fascinating story of The Leeds Library which is a private subscription library hidden away in the midst of Leeds bustling shopping centre. The library is steeped in history and includes a ghost. Peter, himself was the Librarian in the 1960s and is able to explain all aspects of its history.

Rangers of the Yorkshire Wolds by Diana Parsons 14-17The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2015_Page_14_Image_0001
Next Diana Parsons recalls the extraordinarily lives of a group of people who were know has the ‘Wold Rangers’ as told by Angela Antrim from her own memories. They roamed the lanes of East Yorkshire and each ranger has an interesting story behind them. When the last one died in 1987, all traces of their existence past away.

The Waggoners Memorial at Sledmere, East Yorkshire by Christopher Jowett 18-21
The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2015_Page_19_Image_0003Also linked with the ‘Wold Rangers’ is the Waggoners Memorial at Sledmere in East Yorkshire. Christopher Jowett visits this fascinating World War I memorial and explains why Sir Mark was determined to erect a special memorial to honour the waggons. Their job was not to fight but to transport food, ammunition and other supplies to front line units.

The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2015_Page_22_Image_0002A smile and a wave costs nothing by Daniel Theyer 22-27
Then Daniel Theyer pays tribute to Geoffrey Brindley a local Bradford man known as the ‘Jesus Man’. He became something of a local celebrity through walking, smiling and waving, although he remained an enigma. Geoffrey passed away in October 2015 and Bradford is not going to be the same without him. Richard III House in Scarborough by Jeremy Clark 22-37
For our last story Jeremy Clark visits King Richard III House in Scarborough which is now a restaurant to carry out a full investigation of its history. Jeremy’s comprehensive article includes all aspects of the house as well as the popular belief that King Richard III stayed there during the summer of 1484.


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