Winter 2012

Front Cover On the Rochdale Canal Winter 2012

On the Rochdale Canal Winter 2012


Historical Ripon in North Yorkshire
By Alison Hartley pages 4-9
Ripon has an historical past with a Horn Blowing Ceremony every night. Alison visits Ripon and finds out about its past.

Pontefract Cakes and Their history
By Sarah Harrison pages 10-13
Pontefract cakes are renowned. Sarah tells us about them, which date back to the 11th century.

The Selby Toll Bridge – On the way to a seaside holiday
By John Moor pages 14-15

John recalls a nostalgic trip to the seaside which took him over the Selby Toll Bridge.

The First Christmas Card
By Gillian Morris page 16-17

In 1840 Henry Cole had the idea of a Christmas Card. Gillian tells the story of why and how it all started.

Calverley Old Hall and a Tragedy in West Yorkshire
By Jean Griffiths pages 18-21

In 1605 Sir Walter Calverley brutally murdered his two young sons. Jean recollects this macabre and tragic story and explains why it happened.

Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol
By Jeremy Clarke pages 22-27
A Christmas Carol is one of Charles Dickens best known novels, which has become a traditional Christmas story. Jeremy Clarke reveals how Charles Dickens exposes the social ills in the early Victorian age in two of his novels Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. He takes us on a harrowing journey to a Yorkshire boarding school to find out about ill-treatment of pupils.

To dowload please click The Yorkshire Journal Winter 2012


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