Winter 2011

Page 1 Front Cover York Winter 2011

York Winter 2011


Stocks and Their Use in Yorkshire
Elizabeth Lambert finds out why stocks were a traditional method of punishment in the middle ages and continued to be used until the 19th century.

Scrooge’s Counting House in Chancery Lane, Malton
Philip Hartley looks into the connection between Scrooge’s Counting House in Charles Dickens novel ‘A Christmas Carol’ with the offices in Chancery Lane, Malton that inspired Dickens.

Malton in North Yorkshire
Sarah Harrison visits Malton in the middle of winter and discovers why it is such an interesting, busy, little market town.

The Yorkshire Tradition of the Christmas Turkey
Jean Griffiths looks into the history of the first turkey brought into Britain by William Strickland a Yorkshireman in 1526.

The Rotunda Museum and its Restoration at Scarborough, North Yorkshire
John Stuart visits the newly restored Rotunda, which is now a Museum of Geology

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