Winter 2010

Front Cover Haworth Parsonage in snow

Haworth Parsonage in snow


Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights and The Real Withering Heights
Sarah Harrison attempts to find the real Wuthering Heights that inspired Emily Brontë’s novel.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon and a portrait of Victorian Yorkshire
Although not a Yorkshire woman Ruth Morris highlights how she promotes Yorkshire in many of her novels.

Amy Johnson – Britain’s most famous aviatrix
Amy is best remembered for being the first woman to fly solo from Britain to Australia. But there is still some mystery about her accident. Amy’s plane ditched in the Thames estuary, her body was never recovered.

The End of the Cottingley Fairy Tale
This is a fascinating story of two young girls that claimed to have taken photographs of real life fairies. But their prank had far more reaching consequences that they could have ever imagined.

He Gave Away His Toffee and Became Known as “The Toffee King”
In 1891 John Mackintosh gave away his toffee to the people of Halifax. By doing so he achieved national and inter-national success by 1914.

A Little Known Yorkshire Forger
Jeremy Clarke tells the story of this 19th century forger who was once called the ‘Prince of Counterfeiters’.

Robin Hood’s Death and His Grave at Kirklees Priory
Robin Hood is perhaps Yorkshire’s greatest fame to legends. This stimulating story is about how he met his death and his grave near Kirklees Priory.

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