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Pewter ChaliceA Pewter Chalice from Monk Bretton Priory, Barnsley, South Yorkshire by Rita Smith and Jeremy Clark.
The medieval chalice was discovered during the 1923 archaeological excavations of the Priory. It was buried with a skeleton covered with a medieval grave slab simply bearing a carved chalice. Since then the chalice has had a turbulent past which is highlighted in their much researched article, which includes a comprehensive history of the Priory.Titus Salt

Titus Salt – Philanthropist and man of vision? by Margaret Mills,
who outlines his life and his ambitions for a better future by building Saltaire village for his workers. Little evidence of Titus Salt the private man exists in the form of letters, documents or other personal relics, but we can look at him and his career against the backdrop of the entrepreneurial and dynamic times in which he lived.
Liverpool Manchaster railwayIn Search of Freedom,  by Diana Parsons
We discover how John & Rebecca Burlend emigrated from Barwick-in-Elmet near Leeds to Illinois in 1831 in the hope of achieving a better life. After years of toil and hardship their dreams were eventually realised in the lives they bequeathed to their descendants.

The Berry Brow Railway Carving by Stephen RileyBerry Brow
The Berry Brow railway station was opened on 1st July 1850 and closed on 2nd July 1966. Before the station closed many rail travellers remembered seeing a unique railway stone sculpture, which decorated the station. In this article Stephen  details the history of this sculpture, which was created in 1886 by a sixteen year old apprentice sculptor, John Charles Stocks.

DambustersTop Secret: Yorkshire’s Links with the Dambusters by Paul Williams goes back in time to unearth Yorkshire’s links with ‘the Dambusters’ and reveals how a small factory in Yarm played a big part in developing a top-secret weapon which became known all over the world as the ‘Bouncing Bomb’.


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