Summer 2013

Front Cover Byland Abbey Summer 2013

Byland Abbey Summer 2013


UFO’s and Byland Abbey in North Yorkshire
By Marcus Grant and Jean Griffiths pages 4-9
Did a UFO fly over Byland Abbey? Discover the truth and the history of the abbey as Marcus and Jean take a look around the fascinating remains

Hornsea Pottery Remembered on a Summer Holiday
By Graham Lawrence pages 10-15

A nostalgic look at Hornsea Pottery, also Graham gives some advice on collecting Hornsea Pottery

The Lost Gardens of Harrogate
By Colin Allan pages 16-19
Why Harrogate’s Royal Hall Spa Gardens were lost, Colin explains as he takes a nostalgic look at the once delightful and tranquil gardens

Who was Yorkshire’s “secret” Sideshow Artist?
An interview with Jon Marshall pages 20-25
Jon explains how he discovered the identity of the Yorkshire artist who painted the colourful and lively sideshows in the 1950s

The Railway Children in West Yorkshire
By David Reynolds & Stephen Riley pages 16-23
‘The Railway Children’ was filmed on the Worth Valley Railway and around Haworth in 1970. David and Stephen visit the locations and take us through the movie.

To download please click The Yorkshire Journal Summer 2013


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