Summer 2011

Page 1 Front Cover Summer 2011

The Classic Vintage Yorkshire Railway Posters
Stephen Riley takes us on a journey through Yorkshire using vintage railway posters from the 1920s with London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) to the 1950’s with British Railways (BR). He explains the history of railway posters and what brought about the end of these classic posters promoting Yorkshire’s seaside holiday resorts. Also the best place to see these railway posters in Yorkshire and where you can buy reproduction prints of Yorkshire vintage rail posters.

Back On Track The Scarborough Spa Express
The Scarborough Spa Express is operated by West Coast Railways (WCR) company but only operates during summer session one. Then everyone can once again travel by steam train in traditional carriages across Yorkshire’s beautiful countryside.

The Legend of the Richmond Drummer Boy, North Yorkshire
Jean Griffiths visits Richmond to retrace the footsteps of the legendry drummer boy in a 3 mile circuit walk which is packed with interest and wonderful scenery.

The Druid’s Temple, Ilton, North Yorkshire
Marcus Grant explores this ‘Druid’s Temple’ which is one of Yorkshire’s bizarre follies now set deep in the middle of a forest.

To download please click The Yorkshire Journal Summer 2011


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