Summer 2010

Front Cover Castle Hill

Castle Hill, Huddersfield


Castle Hill: The Most Conspicuous Landmark In Huddersfield With Over 4,000 Years Of History
Jeremy Clark investigates Castle Hill, Huddersfield and finds out why it is one of Yorkshire’s most important archaeological sites, with its imposing Victoria Tower. Also find out why you can no longer have a drink at the Castle Hill Pub that was.

Otley – Where The World Famous Furniture Maker Thomas Chippendale Was Born
Sarah Harrison explores the historical picturesque market town of Otley and investigates the life of Thomas Chippendale. How his book, “The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker’s Director”; made him world famous and about buying Chippendale today.

The Yorkshire Men Of Straw
Robin Gilbank visits the village of Muston, to explore the Scarecrow Festival, which is probably one of the most successful events of its kind in the UK.

Those Naughty Saucy Seaside Postcards – Whatever Happened To Them?
This fascinating article tells the story of the cartoon saucy seaside postcards and there downfall. Now the saucy seaside postcard is a perfect reminder of those good old seaside days.

The Mysterious Crop Circles Phenomenon, Appear At Last In Yorkshire
Marcus Grant investigates reports of crop circles in Yorkshire and attempts to give an explanation as to what is creating them. But whatever your beliefs, you have to admit that some of the designs of crop circles are amazingly incredible.

The Pickering World Famous 15th Century Wall Paintings And Their Interpretation
Julian Giles visits Pickering’s parish church, St Peter and St Paul and examines the world famous 15th century wall paintings that cover both the north and south nave walls. This is a vey interesting article which illustrates the story and the interpretation of these medieval wall paintings, considering that they have survived the Puritan Reformation and Reverend Ponsoby, who had them covered over again.

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