Spring 2013

Cover Ralph Cross Spring 2013

Ralph Cross Spring 2013


Ralph Cross
By Jean Griffiths pages, 4-7
Ralph’s Cross is the symbol of the North York Moors National Park. Jean reveals the fascinating history of the cross

The Forgotten First Battle of 1066 at Fulford, near York
By Jeremy Clark pages 8-15
The Fulford battle is often forgotten. Jeremy visits the Fulford Battlefield Society that attempts to rectify this situation in a Yorkshire Tapestry which is a Preface to the Bayeux Tapestry

Ilkley Moor – Cow and Calf page 16-17
Ilkley Moor is not only famous for its Bronze Age ‘art’, but it also has a legend and its own anthem!

Yorkshire Oatcakes
By Sarah Harrison pages 18-21
In the 1800’s Yorkshire Oatcakes were very popular. Sarah tells the intriguing story of how these traditional Oatcakes were made and their connection with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

Bramhope Railway Tunnel
By Stephen Riley pages 22-27
The Bramhope railway tunnel is famous for its length, for its castellated north entrance, and for the accidental deaths of many men during its construction. Stephen explores the tunnel and explains the remarkable story behind its construction

To download please click The Yorkshire Journal Spring 2013


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