Spring 2012

Front Cover Flamborough South landing Spring 2012

Flamborough South landing Spring 2012


Flamborough – South Landing Sculpture Trail
By Susan Horton pages 4-7
Starting at the Boathouse Café Susan takes us on a delightful walk pointing out the Sculptures, each with a different tale to tell. They were inspired by stories told by long-time residents of Flamborough about the heritage of the village and the area

Edward Elgar in Harrogate
By Colin Allan pages 8-12
Edward Elgar visited Harrogate from 1912 to 1927. Colin looks back at the concerts Elgar once gave at the renamed Royal Hall. A path in the beautiful Valley Gardens where he used to stroll, has been named after him to commemorate his many visits

The Misericords in St Mary’s Priory Church in Old Malton, North Yorkshire
By Julian Giles pages 12-17.
There are a number of misericords inside the Priory Church, Old Malton. Julian explains what misericords which is all that remains of the Priory of the Gilbertine Order interesting ones. He also outlines the history of the present church are and illustrates the most

Sea Bathing and the first bathing machine at Scarborough
By Sarah Harrison pages 18-21

Taking the Water” quickly became Scarborough’s accepted medicine. Sarah finds out why sea-bathing became a healthy pastime and discovers that the first bathing machine was introduced there

Jervaulx Abbey in Wensleydale North Yorkshire
By Jean Griffiths pages 22-27

Jervaulx is a beautiful, atmospheric Abbey, privately owned. Jean revisits the Abbey and explains how and why it is very different from other ruined Yorkshire Abbey’s

The Mysterious Crop Circles Phenomenon Visits Yorkshire Again!
By Marcus Grant pages 28-31.
Another three crop circles materialised in Yorkshire. Marcus takes a closer look at them for us

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud pages 32-33

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