Spring 2011

Front Cover Spring 2011

The Roman Bath at York
Sarah Harrison discovers what Roman life was like in York and why a visit to the baths was so important. She combines her visit with looking at other Roman sites in York.

The Intriguing Roos Carr Model Wooden Boat Figures Found Near Withernsea, East Yorkshire
Jeremy Clarke looks at these very special Prehistoric wooden model figures of boatmen with their boat which have recently been restored.

The Labours of the Months in St Agatha’s Parish Church, Easby near Richmond, North Yorkshire
Julian Giles takes a look at these unique medieval wall paintings depicting rural agricultural life, termed the Labours of the Months in St. Agatha’s Parish Church Easby. They appear to be the only ones to have survived and he explains their enormous importance.

St. Mary’s First Church, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
This is the story of the first church at Scarborough up to the present day and how the town grew up around it. Find out what makes the church so important that hundreds of visitors from all over of the world make a pilgrimage every year.

A Visit to the City of Troy, a Turf Maze near Dalby in North Yorkshire
Marcus Grant makes a visit to the Howardian Hills to see the only historical turf maze in Yorkshire and finds out about its history.

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