Autumn 2014

Front Cover Hornsea Mere Autumn 2014

Hornsea Mere Autumn 2014

David Reynolds starts us off with the Yorkshire Television drama series ‘One Summer’ by Willy Russell. It was about two tear-away Liverpool youths who run away to Wales to escape the gangs of Liverpool. David explains why Willy Russell disowned the Yorkshire TV production of ‘One Summer’, and includes details of the cast and the locations, the main onr Kidder’s House filmed in the village of Beckwithshaw near Harrogate.

Then Alison Hartley visits Hornsea Mere which is the largest natural freshwater lake in Yorkshire. It attracts many species of birds throughout the year. Today Hornsea Mere is a popular tourist attraction offering visitors rowing, sailing, boat trips, fishing, painting and bird-watching.

Next Jeremy Clark takes us along the north-east Yorkshire coast when the Romans protected it from Anglo-Saxon pirates who sailed across the North Sea to raid and plunder. The Romans built signal stations but they only lasted for about twenty years before they were overrun and burnt to the ground. Jeremy explains how some of them came to a valiant but brutal end. Today some of the sites of the Roman signal stations can be visited.

For out last feature Jean Griffiths explores the curious legend of Tom Bell and his Cave at Hardcastle Crags, near Halifax. According to legend Tom Bell was a robber and a poacher who lived in a cave that now takes his name. Jean outlines the full story of the legend and the controversy that still surrounds a skull that was supposed to have been found in the cave.

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