Autumn 2013

Cover Fireworks Autumn 2013

Fireworks Autumn 2013


Fireworks and Bonfire Night
By Sarah Harrison pages 4-9

Sarah looks at the disappearing customs associated with the celebrations of the 5th of November.

The Otley Chevin Heritage Time Trail
By Susan Horton pages 10-17

The Otley Chevin Heritage Time Trail consists of nine timber sculptures. Susan explains the history behind them whilst walking the trail.

A Nostalgic Look at Alan Bennett’s ‘A Day Out’
By David Reynolds pages 18-25

Times have changed along with some of the locations since ‘A Day Out’ was made in 1972. David looks at these changes and the cast who played the cycling club members who now mostly, have sadly passed away.

The stolen fairy gold cup at Willie Howe in East Yorkshire
By Jeremy Clark pages 26-31

Jeremy attempts to make some sense of the stolen fairy gold cup legend and explains the history and excavations of Willie Howe.

To download please click Yorkshire Journal Autumn 2013


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