Autumn 2012

Front Cover Kirkham Priory Gatehouse Autumn 2012

Kirkham Priory Gatehouse Autumn 2012


Wycoller Hall and Jane Eyre
By Sarah Harrison, pages 4-9
The lovely small picturesque village of Wycoller is situated near the borders of Lancashire and West Yorkshire. Wycoller Hall is at the centre and thought to be the inspiration for Ferndean Manor in Charlotte Brontë’s novel ‘Jane Eyre’. Sarah also looks behind the story of Jane Eyre and why Charlotte was almost sued over it.

Tunny Fishing in Scarborough
By John Stuart, pages 10-13
In the early1930’s big game anglers turned Tunny fishing into a sport at Scarborough. This attracted the rich and famous but it was not to last for long. In the 1950s the tuna disappeared. However John discovers that during its heyday there was a bitter argument as to who caught the heaviest fish.

A Visit to Kirkham Priory in North Yorkshire
By Jean Griffiths, pages 14-21
The ruins of Kirkham Priory are located near Malton, which are a peaceful tourist attraction. Jean recalls her first nostalgic visit to Kirkham Priory which played a secret but vital role in the preparation for D-Day during the late war.

Wainhouse Tower, Halifax
By Paul Adams, pages 22-25
Wainhouse Tower was originally build as a chimney to disperse the smoke from the nearby Washer Lane dye works. But in fact it was never used as a chimney. Paul explains the true history of the Tower and the reason for it being there.

1960’s-80’s Vintage Picture Postcards Remembered
By Graham Taylor, pages 26-31.
Collecting old picture postcards is one of the pleasant pastimes available and postcards of the1960’s to the 80’s have now become vintage picture postcards and collectible. Graham takes a look at a postcard of the Yorkshire Dales and discovers how the views have changed since the postcard was published.

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